Chantal Boulanger Publishing
We are a TINY publishing company with a few GREAT books!
We were created in December 1997, in New York. We now operate out of London. We have changed our name from "Shakti Press International" to "Chantal Boulanger Publishing" for practical reasons.

Our books show aspects of India's culture which were either ignored or unknown.
We try to keep prices - and costs - down, which is why we are not going through big distributors. Selling directly to bookstores and through the Internet makes more sense. If you are interested in our books, want to sell them or help us do so, please contact us! (We give free books to readers who help us find shops willing to sell our books!)

Following the death of Chantal Boulanger we are not looking for any new authors.
Thank you for your interest

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"Saris: an Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping"
"The Goddess' Justice" / "In the Kingdom of Nataraja"
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