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 In the Kingdom of Nataraja

A guide to the temples, beliefs and people of Tamil Nadu (India's Southernmost State).

This book is an invitation to discover Tamil culture, to understand its life and rural customs, as well as a guide to fully experience the great South Indian temples. It tells the reader about the history and geography of the land, its beliefs and rituals. It also offers practical tips to make a successful trip and explore further.

 Available in India at bookstores.
Publisher: The South India Saiva Siddhantha 
Works Publishing Society 
154 TTK Saalai, Alvarpet, 600018 Madras, 
Tamil Nadu, INDIA

 Village Goddess

The Goddess' Justice

Novel - Will Mrs Kannagi, Chief of Police of a provincial town in Tamil Nadu, discover who is the "pey" (demon, ghost) murdering women with no apparent reason ? She wants to find the culprit and bring him to legal justice. But in superstitious and magical India, the Goddess' Justice prevails. As for the murderer, it is social justice he truly wants... A thriller about all kinds of justice, women and Tamil beliefs.

 Khandala sari

 Saris: An Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art
of Draping

How to wrap a cloth around you in 100 different ways !
This book details the various methods of draping, outlining their ethnic origins and opening new perspectives on the understanding of drapes. A ground-breaking work for the study of a most neglected art.
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Publisher : Chantal Boulanger Publishing, London

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